Whos Got Dirt 2

Sheneka Adams is all smiles here showing off her best assets and I got the pic just for you!

Who's Got Dirt 2 is the website your going to absolutely fall in love with. We have the hottest pics and music videos from all around the world here. Plenty of Un Cut & Un Censored music videos here. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Patrick "Pj" Vick is the creator of the dirty series including Who's Got Dirt, Who's Got Dirt 2 & The Dirty Dirty. Friend Pj Vick B.K.A. "Whosgotdirt Author" on Facebook at http://facebook.com/whosgotdirt or simply Google Who's Got Dirt

Who's Got Dirt 2 is a site where you can come to knowing that there's going to be nothing less than a bunch of ridiculous foolishness. With the hottest collections of Un censored Hip Hop and R&B videos on the internet, this is the site your gonna love. Trust me! We have several blogs on the internet that carry the same formatting but this is the final dosage of Dirt. I'm trying to tell you that Pj Vick has out done himself on this on baby. If you like the site please use the social settings to leave your comments and like us on facebook. Hey remember this Pj Vick loves you, and thanks for stopping by. PEACE

This is the site looking to make the biggest impact in the world of celebrity dirt/gossip and dirty minded blogging. From the creative mind of Patrick "Pj" Vick I am proud to present to you "Who's Got Dirt 2" The even dirtier celebrity dirt/gossip website. 

Would you fuck me if I had a paper bag on my head?

We're bad and I know we're going to hell, but we'll see you there also because ain't nobody tell you to laugh just because we're laughing LMFAO 

I'm a jackass and I know it... Now you know it too!!!

About Us
"Who's Got Dirt 2" The Even Dirtier Magazine is what we've been labeled, but there is no porno here. Sorry guys... All we do here is dig up scandalous pic's of your favorite celebrities and pics of regular people from all over the world willing to do some of the craziest shit you've ever seen.Then we add our opinions to those pictures and/or articles that deliver the dirtiest dirt around.

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We also have a Mobile Blog guaranteed to make you shake your damn head at some of the articles & pictures that we dig up on your favorite celebrities and random ass everyday folk that decide to post ridiculous pics on the internet. That site is called "Whosgotdirt2". This online magazine started off as a regular blog at http://whosgotdirt2.blogspot.com and has suddenly grown into what we'd like to refer as "Brand Dirt" We hope that the pic's and articles we post don't offend anyone in particular, (celebrities) and if for some strange reason they do please feel free to leave a comment with us and we will gladly address that article or picture. (Don't believe the hype) Please remember that we are a corporation that thrives off other peoples dirt in the first place, so on that note... Please enjoy the pages of "Who's Got Dirt 2"

The dirtiest celebrity web site on the internet

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Once you visit this site your gonna tell your friends. Then they gonna tell somebody, and before you now it everybody's gonna be talking about us. So go ahead and be the first to like us on facebook. 

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